Engine; Racing Pistons

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Isuzuperformance has arranged for the manufacture of custom pistons from several noted manufacturers. We have provided castings, measurements, clearances, and specifications to these manufacturers for use in providing product to Isuzuperformance. These manufacturers will not provide product built to our specifications to anyone but us, which is why these products can not be purchased directly from these manufacturers or through other dealers or retailers.

Isuzuperformance has provided castings to these manufacturers for use in manufacturing dome profiled pistons for Isuzuperformance. Dome profiling matches the profile of the piston crown to the profile of the combustion chamber which ensures the tightest tolerances and clearances between the piston and the combustion chamber and a piston crown shaped specifically to promote full and complete combustion. This results in maximum compression, flame propagation and optimum volumetric efficiency. This aspect of these products is also available only through Isuzuperformance.

"But I can buy pistons from so and so, why the pistons you offer so special?", you might ask. Without going through the required work and engineering to design a true dome profiled piston, manufacturers may be able to offer a custom piston which they believe to be within 10% of the compression ratio you are asking for, and they will conservatively oversize the valve releifs in the tops of the pistons, taking much needed volume away from the crown. What does this mean to you? Less power output from your engine due to poorer flamoe propogation and less efficient combustion. You're building a racing engine with racing pistons, do you really want to guess what compression ratio you will end up with or squander potential power by not using the best pistons available, or do you want to build your engine with confidence that you have used nothing but the best?

Please Note: Regarding 1990-91 1.6 liter DOHC engines, pistons for 4XE1 Non-Turbo engines are not interchangable with pistons for 4XE1 Turbocharged engines. The OEM Turbo pistons use a larger wrist pin and a larger connecting rod to accomodate that larger wrist pin. Those desiring to build a Non-Turbo block for use with a turbocharger must either select a custom piston with the smaller wrist pin for use with their original rods or if they desire to use the Turbo pistons, must also replace the connecting rod with a Turbo connecting rod to accomodate the larger wrist pin.

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