Isuzu Gemini Coupe

Taken from page 238 of Giugiaro Italdesign Catalog Raisonne 1959-1987; Volume Two.

Isuzu Gemini Coupe


Mass Production

8/1984 through 10-1987

Since 1974, Isuzu had been manufacturing the Opel Kadett with revised interiors and an Isuzu power plant. Despite the bodywork modifications of 1979, this car still remained typically General Motors. In 1981, the Japanese company decided to renew the model with a radically new design and, following the success of the 117 coupe and the Piazza, requested the cooperation of Giugiaro.

The two-box was studied at the same time in the 3- and 5-door versions; three dimensional models in fact were assymetrical.

Giugiaro resumed the feeling of the Piazza and gave this two-door a long, highly raking C-pillar. The resulting shape was most interesting as the car looked very sleek, to the point of giving the idea (and taking the name) of coupe.

Naturally there are the limousine doors and hatch and, again like the Piazza, the B-pillar is painted black so as not to interrupt the visual flow of the glazed surfaces.

The front end is noteworthy with the thin radiator grille crossed horizontally by two sizable air intakes. Almost like an embellishment, the chrome-plated Isuzu logotype sits on the middle.

The front indicator lights' shape was modified by the manufacturer, but Giugiaro is not satisfied with the result.

Very close connection with the design of the Piazza, the Gemini is an unquestionably successful coupe; worthy daughter of a noble mother.

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