Bill Luton's 1986 Isuzu Impulse

Missouri, USA


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		Front Air Dam by Isuzu Motors Ltd. from 1987-89 
			Impulse Turbo.
		Rear Wing Spoiler by Isuzu Motors Ltd. from 1987-89 
			Impulse Turbo.
		Side Moldings by Isuzu Motors Ltd. from 1987-89 
			Impulse Turbo.
		Lower Front Air Dam by Techno Motion.

	Shaved and Modified
		Front and Rear Side Marker Lights were removed and 
			filled in.
		Head Light "Brows" were removed and filled in for 
			a One Piece Hood.
		Tailgate with large, inset oval garnish replaced with 1987-89 
			smooth tailgate.
		"Isuzu" Imprint in Front Bumper was filled in.
		All Original Decals and Pinstriping was removed.
		"design giugiarro" Plaques were added to the Door 

		The entire body was stripped to bare metal, euro 
			primed, and sprayed with Sherwin Williams 1991 
			Mitsubishi Bluish Red Metalic/Almendine Red Metalic 
			and clear coated.  By Mann's Autobody, Festus, MO.
		The underside of the car was stripped of all rust and 
			sprayed with 96 oz. of satin black Rustoleum and 
			then topped with 208 oz. of Permatex professional 
			rubberized undercoat.

	Color Keyed
		Bumpers, Grille, Side View Mirrors, Side Moldings, 
			Door Handles, Front Air Dam, Rear Spoiler, 
			and Rocker Panel Covers.

		Aftermarket by Panorama.

	Window Tint
		3M Brand by Acadiana Solarfilm, Lafayette, LA.

	Wheels and Tires
		For Show and Summer Use, 17x7 ADR Racing I Wheels, Custom 
			Polished and Chrome Plated, Wrapped in 205/40R17 Yokohama 
			A520 Performance Tires.
		For Winter Use, Stock 14x6 Wheels, Custom Polished and Powder 
			Coated, Wrapped in 215/60-R14 Yokahama A378 Touring Tires.

		Performance Front Coil Springs by Isuzuperformance, 40% stiffer, 
			Lowered 7/8 inch.
		Performance Rear Coil Springs by Isuzuperformance, 35% stiffer,
			Lowered 3/4 inch.
		Addco Front Anti-Sway Bar, 70% stiffer.
		Addco Rear Anti-Sway Bar, 106% Stiffer.
		Isuzuperformance Urethane Frame Sway Bar Bushings.
		Isuzuperformance Endlinks with Urethane Bushings.
	 	KYB Gas Adjust Shocks both Front and Rear.
		Energy Suspension Urethane Shock Bushings.
		Isuzuperformance Front Upper Strut/Shock Tower Brace.
		Lower "Strut" Braces from Impulse Turbo.

		Brembo Rotors, Cadmium Plated by Aero Metal Finishing.
		Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses by Isuzuperformance.
		Castrol GT LMA DOT 4 Hydraulic Fluid in Brake System.

		Japanese Piazza Five Bulb Tail Light Housings with 
			50 watt Turn Signal Bulbs.
		English (UK) Piazza Two Bulb Front Turn Signals (Clear Corner 
			Lamps) with 50 watt Turn Signal Bulbs.
		Modified Sylvania Halogen Low/High Beam bulbs were 
		Super Sport Brand FX-90 3 1/2 inch round driving lights 
			with 100 watt bulbs.
		Hand Fabricated Light Smoke Lexan front turn signal 
	Chassis Electrical
		Rear wiper motor and arm from 88-89 Impulse used to 
			work with Turbo Wing Spoiler.

		G200W DOHC Engine.

		Isuzuperformance Cold Air Induction System.
			+7 HP.
		Ported MAF Sensor by RC Engineering; 14% larger than 
		Ported Throttle Body by RC Engineering; 5.4% larger 
			than stock.  Knife Edge Deshouldered.  +5 HP.
		Ported Air Plenum by JMC, St. Louis, MO; 9% larger than 
		Extrudehoned Intake Manifold; 18% larger than stock.
			+3 HP.
	Fuel System
		Cleaned, Calibrated, and Blueprinted Fuel Injectors
			from a 1986 Impulse Turbo; 240 cc/min flow;
  			29.7% larger than stock.
		NOS Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with Pressure Gauge
			Attached, Pressure set at 35 and 45 PSI stepped.

	Computer Control Module
		Performance PROM Chip.  +10 HP.

		Torque Master Mark II Ignition Coil.
		Magnecor KV85 8.5mm Red Competition Ignition Cables. 
		Torque Master Spark Plugs.  +4 HP.
		Ignition Timing set at 16 degrees BTDC.

		Optima 800 Battery, 800 cold cranking amps.
		4 Guage Primary Wires.
		Street Wires Gold Plated Battery Terminals.

		Oil Cooler from a 1986 Impulse Turbo.
		Perma Cool 20 mm x 1.5 Sandwich Plate.
		Hypertech Low Temp Thermostat; 160 degree F.

		Isuzuperformance Tri-Y Header, Ceramic Coated, from 
			Isuzuperformance.  +7 HP.
		Isuzuperformance Free Flowing Catalytic Converter.  +5 HP.
		Isuzuperformance 2 1/2 Inch Mandrel Bent Exhaust System with
			Magnaflow Muffler and 4 Inch Chrome Tip, Ceramic Coated.  
			+7 HP.

		Chrome Plated Custom Etched Oil Fill Cap from  

		Chrome by Triangle Plating.
			Valve Cover.
			Alternator and Bracket.
			Injector Cooling Fan Housing.
			Water Pump Pulley and Fan Mount.
			Radiator Brackets.
			Power Steering Resevior Bracket.
			MAF Sensor Bracket.
			Battery Tie Down.

		Chrome by St. Louis Plating.
			All Door and Hood Latches.
			Power Steering Resevior Bracket.
			Valve Cover Bolts.
			Throttle Body Linkage.
			Cruise Control Actuator Bracket.
			Transducer Bracket.
			All Engine Compartment Nuts and Bolts.

		Centerforce Dual Friction Performance Clutch.
		Redline MTL Synthetic Transmission Lubricant.	
		Isuzuperformance Short Throw Shift Lever; 30% shorter 
			throw than stock. 
		Stainless Steel Braided Hydraulic Clutch Hose by 
		Castrol GT LMA DOT 4 Hydraulic Fluid in Clutch System.
		Isuzuperformance Lower Rear Engine/Transmission Mounts.

	Rear End
		Isuzuperformance ATB Limited Slip Differential.
		Redline MTL Synthetic Transmission Lubricant.

		Hand Crafted Black Leather Shifter Boot by Colormatch.
		RAZO Pedal Covers.
		Restored Front Seats (Keiper/Recaro) from a 1986 Impulse 

		Stinger Brand deadening mat was run on the floorpanels.
		Stinger Brand heat insulated deadening mat was run on 
			the transmission hump and above the catalytic 
		Professional grade poly and spounge insulation was run 
			beneath the carpet on the floor and behind the 
			side panels.

	Head Unit
		Alpine Model 7618AO with Remote Control.

	CD Changer
		Alpine Model 5957S Six Disc Changer.

	Signal Processors
		Audio Control Epicenter Digital Bass Restorer.
		Audio Control ESP-3 Spacial Restorer with Center 
			Channel Processor.
		Alpine Model 3321 Equalizer.

		Audio Control 4XS.

	Amplifiers (All were Chrome Plated by Triangle Plating, St. 
			Louis, MO)
		Hifonics Thor	250 watts	Subwoofers
		Hifonics Odin	150 watts	Front Mid and High
		Hifonics Pluto	 60 watts	Rear Mid and High
		Orion 220GT	 40 watts	Center Channel

			Savard Pro 12 inch 	
				Four in Dual Isobaric Enclosure in Trunk
		Front Midrange
			Polk Model 6520 6.5 inch Coax	
				In Doors
			Infinity Model RSDS4AMR 4 inch	
				In Front Kick Panels
		Front Highrange
			Polk Model MM3000 Tweeters	
				At Corners of Dash
		Rear Midrange
			Polk Model 5510 5.25 inch	
				In Rear Shock Towers
		Rear Highrange
			Polk Model MM2001 Tweeters	
				In Rear Deck
		Center Channel
			Hifonics MR2 2 inch Dome	
				At Center of Dash

	Electrical Components
		Gold Plated Streetwires Battery Terminals.
		4 guage Amp Max Power Cable and Ground Straps.
		150 amp Wrangler Power Solenoid.
		150 amp Streetwires Circuit Breaker.
		Streetwires Power Distribution Blocks.
		Streetwires Fuse Blocks.
		1 Farad Streetwires Stiffening Capacitor.

	Signal Wires
		Streetwires Musica EL.

		Alpine Model 8051 Remote System.

	Motion Sensor
		Alpine Model 8310 Computer Servo Motion Sensor.

	Impact Sensor
		Alpine Model 8327 Digital Impact Sensor.

	Radar and Laser Detector
		Whistler Model 1490 SW; Hidden hard wire to ignition.

	Citizen's Band Radio
		Uniden 520XL 40 Channel CB.

	Police Scanner
		Uniden BCT2 Bear Tracker.

	G200W/ZZ DOHC 135 HP 2 liter Engine from a Piazza XE or XF from
		ICHIban, Sydney, Australia.
	G200W/ZZ DOHC model Transmission to go with the Engine above from New 
	PIAA 1000 Bluish Driving Lamps.

	Larger Competition Series Addco Front and Rear Sway Bars.
	Projector Lamp Headlamp Units.

	SPAL 16" Electric Radiator Fan.
	Two Dual Voice Coil 10" Woofers (Orion or HiFonics) in a Smaller 
		Custom Box.
	Higher Flow Rate Fuel Injectors from RC Engineering.
	Nology Hot Wires Ignition Cables and Coil Amplifier.
	15x7 Bogart Racing Wheels, Wrapped in 205/50R15 Mickey Thomsen 
		Drag Radials.  15x3.5 Bogart Racing Wheels, Wrapped in 4 
		inch skinnys on the front.
	SPAX Eleven Way Adjustable Racing Shocks from Bill's Isuzuperformance.
	Custom Upholstered Recaro CT and LSB Modular or Irmscher Piazza
	Stage Two Racing Engine Rebuild by Paeco.
	Rotrex R25 Supercharger from Scanpower Tuning APS, Denmark, with 
		Turbo model Intercooler.
	Adaptive Technologies PROMPAQ.
	JET Performance PROM Chip.
	Custom Machined Heavy Duty Ring and Pinion Gear Set.
	Rearend from a Toyota Pickup.
	O2, Injector Pulsewidth, and Exhauast Temp Gauges in Custom Gauge Hood.


	Maximum Engine Power		90 hp		~130+ hp

	Acceleration; Speed at 754 ft. 
	(1/7 mile)From a standing
	 start				61 MPH		70 MPH  2.	

	Speed at 1/8 mile		56 MPH		60.877 MPH  3.

	Maximum Speed			100 - 106 MPH	138.4 MPH  4.

	Road Handling			.73 - .79 g	~.87+ g

	Highway Milage	  (@55 MPH)	29 MPG		~36.1 MPG
	Interstate Milage (@65 MPH)	NA		 32.5 MPG

	Coeficient of Drag		.37-.36		.33

	Curb Weight			2730 lb.	2880 lb.  5.

	Weight with Driver		2900 lb.	3050 lb.  5.

	Weight Distribution		59/41 - 57/43	55/45	

	Stereo System Pressure		~110 db		139.7 db  6.

		1.  Stock Measurements are taken from published 
		    specifications in the following road tests:  
		    R&T October 1980; C&D March 1982; CD June 1983; 
		    MT June 1983; R&T June 1983; R&T September 1983.
		2.  Speed as clocked by Pottawatomie County Sheriff's 
		    Department, Manhattan,  KS. 
		3.  Old Dominion Speedway, June 29, 1997, O-So-Lo Show.
		4.  Speed attained on I-64 in West Virginia, West bound, 
		    June 30, 1997, and is corrected for speedometer error 
		    of 3.7%, due to oversized tires. 
		5.  Wieght measured on truck scale at Supervalue Foods,  
		    Haazelwood, MO.
		6.  Stereo system pressure level measured at TOW 
		    sanctioned event at 1990 Kajun Fun Fest, New 
		    Iberia, LA. 

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