Impressive Impulse

Super Street Magazine

September 1997. P. 136.

It seems that Editor Pearson's editorial in the June '97 issue struck a nerve with quite a few people, including Bill Luton of St. Louis, Missouri. Pearson called for Isuzu, Subaru, and Saturn owners to send in pictures of their cars instead of writing and emailing in complaints about Super Street being an all-Honda publication. Luton took particular offense because he had sent us pictures of his tricked out '86 Isuzu Impulse in December 1996 (he has the certified mail receipts to prove it). The package was signed for, but never reached our offices, so Mr. Luton was nice enough to send replacement photos of his pride and joy. And believe us, Bill, we would have remembered seeing an Impulse like yours.

While we can't fit all the info about the car in this limited space, we can give you a brief look. Under the hood, Bill added a hand fabricated ram-air induction system, a K&N filter, and R.C. Engineering ported MAF and throttle body, as well as an extrudehoned intake manifold. An NOS fuel pressure regulator, a Paeco cam and matching Peaco valve springs and retainers were added as well as a performance chip, a high flow cat, custom-fabricated 2 1/4-inch exhaust, Imco muffler, and a Borla 4-inch tip. Performance springs from CSS, Addco antisway bars (front and rear) and KYB shocks are just some of the suspension upgrades Bill performed. For a complete rundown on this ultra-clean Impulse, check out the ISUPAGE in the internet. The ISUPAGE is dedicated to all things Isuzu (and Bill's the editor). Check it out at

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