Pride on the Piazza

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

August 22, 1997. P. 5.

Car enthusiast Jon Belcher, of Highburton, is shown with a commemorative plaque from the Japanese Extravaganza, Northampton, where his Isuzu Piazza was highly commended the first time entered.
Mr. Belcher, 56, of Towngate, set up the UK's only Isuzu Piazza Turbo Owners Club in 1996 to help ensure the survival of the species.
The club now has more than 60 members ranging from the North of Scotland to Portsmouth and the visit to the Extravaganza was the club's first official entry.
Isuzu passenger cars are no longer manufactured although four wheel drive vehicles and buses are still made by the firm.
"I just love the cars," said Mr. Belcher. "I first had one in 1986 and I had the chance to have another one three years ago."
They were a concept car, designed by an Italian, and were very advanced at the time," he added.
Mr. Belcher, a training adviser in manufacturing with Huddersfield YMCA, has been a keen car enthusiast since his youth.
In the past he has owned a 1978 Jensen, Mazda 626 Coupe, and a 1963 Cortina GT.
He now spends most evenings and weekends lovingly tending to his Isuzu, but admits he may now have to invest in a second car, in order to preserve the Piazza's pristine condition.

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