Mitsuhiro Takeda's 1988 Piazza Turbo

For more information on this vehicle, go to Piazza Owner's Club of JAPAN; asso di fiori

Isuzu Piazza Modifications

		Metalic Green
		Color Keyed Bumpers, Mirrors, Door Handles, Rocker 
			Covers, Etc.
		Contrasting Bright Yellow on the Wheel Spacers, Cowel, 
			and Interior

		Fuba Style Antenna

                Quad Round Head Lamps
                Driving Lights Replace Stock Turn Signals
                Front Turn Signals from a Isuzu Aska Irmscher
                Wing Repeaters from a VW Golf
                Red Out Tail Light Assemblies

	Wheels and Tires
		Borbet type S 16x7  made in Italy
		Pirelli P5000 205-45R16

	Trim and Upholstery
		Bright Yellow Leather or Vinyl Custom Upholstered Dash, 
			Headrests, and Side Panels.

	Stereo System
		Upgraded Stereo with Amplifiers and Subwoofers, No 
			Specific Details

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