The Fast and the Furious Flubs

I really like the film The Fast and the Furious, don't take this as a criticism of the movie as being bad or not enjoyable.

The pre release press that the movie received made it sound like it would be portraying all import car enthusiasts as reckless, gun toting thieves, who stole everything that wasn't bolted to the floor to pay for the parts they bolt onto their cars. We already get the short end of the stick whenever the police are involved, and all we really needed was one more excuse for the local law enforcement to harass us, especially if it gave them the idea to shoot first and not bother with the questions. A loud muffler would suddenly be punishable by street execution.

Stack that up next to the obvious thought that the film would basically be one big honda commercial with nothing but wall to wall lemmingmobiles, and the whole idea of this movie was that it would be nothing but one big disappointment.

However, after seeing the film, it was much more enjoyable, clearly action fantasy on the level of a modern interpretation of Smokey and the Bandit (Remember, they did not pay for the beer that they loaded onto Snowman's truck and the whole point of having the Bandit run distraction was to keep the police from finding out they were smuggling beer without paying the federal liquor tax). And, above all, this was not a honda movie. In fact, anyone familiar with the use of old Volkswagen Beetles in 1970s and 1980s movies and television as totally expendible and destined to be crushed, will understand that this movie has found a new totally expendible automobile. In 1970's and 1980's movies, whenever you see a VW Beetle, you can be absolutely sure that at some point toward the end of the film, that Beetle will be wrecked, crushed, destroyed, totally obliterated, or otherwise turned into a one foot cube of steel. The Fast and the Furious takes this additude and applies it directly to honda cars. Almost every single honda car in the movie is wrecked, trashed, or otherwise defaced and destroyed. It is refreshing to see that other people see hondas in the same light that we do, worth nothing more than a good laugh when they are torn to pieces.

Additionally, the main characters in the movie are not driving hondas as their primary vehicles. They are driving Mazda RX-7s, Toyota Supras, Mitsubishi Eclipses, Volkswagen Jettas, and Dodge Muscle Cars. If a main character drives a honda, it is going to be wrecked, and you know it.

But, as fun and exciting as the movie is, there are a few things that just really stick out as really wrong. Things that should have been caught by the technical consultants and editors, and corrected, but somehow slipped through. This is by no means a list of them all, but some:

Like I said, I really enjoyed this movie, it is the only movie I actually paid to see at the theater within the last four or five years, and the only movie I ever went to the theater to see twice. Don't get the wrong impression that I am ripping on this movie, it is more a compliment that I was interested enough to pay close enough attention to pick these little details out.

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