Isuzu Automotive Memorabilia; Scale Models

Isuzu Impulse Turbo 1/24th scale model kit by Fujimi/Testors  Part # 374
	Kit is of a early Impulse JR without spoiler or air dam
	Features: real rubber tires, interior detailing, colorful decals.  
	Without Motor/No Engine.
	Buildable with left or right hand steering with aero style headlamps.
	These can be found collecting dust in hobby shops for prices between 
	$3 - $25 and sometimes more.
	May be available through mail order model companies.

Isuzu Impulse XE 1/24th scale model kit by Fujimi    Part # 03026/ID-026
	Kit is of Impulse JI
	Without Motor/No Engine
	Available through Model Empire at 1(414)453-4610 for $13.19.

1971 Isuzu 117 Coupe' 1/24th scale kit by Doyusha  Part # NH10
Isuzu Bellett 1600 GTR 1/32nd scale kit by ARII  Part # 41014
	These kits are available from:
	Phoenix Model Co.
	P.O. Box 15390
	Brooksville, FL 39609
	TEL:  (352)754-8522
	FAX:  (352)754-1882

GEO Storm 1/25th scale model kit by AMT/Ertle
	Various years may be available of this promotional model, both built 
	and unbuilt.	
	They tend to be collectors items and some less common models sell 
	for well above the $7 - $12 kit price.
	They are available at hobby shops and through mail order model 

Die-Cast 1/45th scale models by Diapet/Yonezawa Toys
	Isuzu Model 117 Sport Coupe     Part # G-9
		Early coupe with round headlamps
	Isuzu Gemini 1800 Coupe	   	Part # G-129
		Late PF series
	Isuzu Impulse		 	Part # unknown
		Body style unknown
	These models were available through EWA at 1(800)392-4454 at about $25
		Latest information is that they have been discontinued with no 
		future production forseen.

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