I'm sorry, but the ISUPAGE is not dedicated to SUVs and Trucks, there is an overwhelming abundance of source material for these, and the ISUPAGE fills the void for Isuzu passenger vehicle information.

For Truck and SUV information, we recomend that you contact Dan and the people at ITOG (the Isuzu Troopers Owners Guild).

I would like to point out that the engine tuning information on the ISUPAGE applies equally to all Isuzu vehicles, and in fact all gasoline powered engines in general, and the ISUPAGE is an invaluable tool for any Isuzu owner, be they owners of passenger automobiles, pickups, suvs, diesel delivery trucks, or even construction equipment. I, however, have no experience or in depth knowledge of trucks or suvs and really can't recomend or even intelligently discuss things such as lift kits, winches, or brush guards. There are many resources available which cover these topics and they do so in a depth and comprehensiveness that I could never dream of. It is best for all concerned for me to direct you to the experts on the subject:

ISUPAGE Truck and SUV Links

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