Guide to Building Performance in Isuzu Automobiles

Dozens of people have E-mailed me asking how to improve the performance in their Isuzu vehicles. This is a guide to tuning your vehicle.


Engine Tuning

Everybody keeps leaving me behind, I want to keep up with everybody else.

An internal combustion engine is nothing more than a large petrolium powered air pump.

To make it work better all you have to do is make its job easier by improving efficiency.

To improve the efficiency of an air pump, you simply make modifications so that air flows through the engine more easily. The greater you make the capacity of air flow, the more freely the pump will work, the more power and torque the engine will produce.


I side step the clutch and the engine redlines, but all I do is sit still smelling burnt metal and carbon.

Suspension Tuning

I can go like spit on the straights, but every time I come to a turn, everyone I passed on the straight goes flying past me.


I go like spit and turn like I'm on rails, but I keep running into things because this thing won't stop.

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