2.6 Liter Engine Swap for 1985-89 Impulse Turbo

By Soren Rounds

Tips for swapping the 4ZE1 2.6L into a 2.0L 4ZC1 turbo JR Impulse

For this swap, you either need to start with a 2.6L long block or a complete 2.6L motor. You will need some external parts for a 2.6L, so rebuilding a 2.6L from a wrecking yard might be a better way to begin.
Beginning with the long block assembly, you need to use the 4ZE1 cylinder head. The 4ZC1 head will give too high of a compression ratio for turbo use, and the 4ZE1 has larger valves and runners anyway. The 4ZE1 engine block has a deck height about 3/4” taller than the 4ZC1, so you will need to use the timing belt and cover from the 4ZE1. The other major part you should use from the 4ZE1 is the intake manifold. The 4ZC1 manifold will work and is very similar, except the intake runners are larger on the 4ZE1. I think that most of the sensors on the intakes are similar, but I switched over all of them just to make sure the 4ZC1 computer in the Impulse would read the correct signals in case a sensor or two had a different output between the two models. One of the temperature sensors on the 4ZC1 intake did not have a matching hole on the 4ZE1 intake, but you can remove one of the plugs in the coolant passage of the 4ZE1 intake for extra sensors the 4ZC1 might use.
Most of the external engine parts need to be reused from the 4ZC1 engine. These include:

During the swap there are several things that need to be addressed in addition to swapping over parts. Following are some hints:

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